Can women use the Shoulder Wrap?
(30’s, woman, volleyball)

The Shoulder Wrap is designed not to disturb the breast area for women. Please choose the size to fit the base of arm. We recommend you a trial fitting at a store.

Are there any products for shoulder problems at golf?
(40’s, man, golf)

Our Shoulder Wrap is a product for shoulder problems.
The Shoulder Wrap provides compression with entire shoulder to restrict the shoulder swinging and to prevent an impact on the shoulder. Considering that the compression restricts motion, we recommend you a trial fitting at a store.

Can the Shoulder Wrap use for the right and the left?
(30’s, man, baseball)

The Shoulder Wrap can be used for the right and the left by replacement of the strap.
The purpose of the Shoulder Wrap is to protect the shoulder providing compression and is to reduce stress on the shoulder with elastic material.
The Shoulder joint has large muscles on the outside, while it has many small muscles on the inside.
If you feel a pain every time by same motion while training, you may have possible damages on the shoulder.
In that case, as the Shoulder Wrap is not for a medical treatment, we recommend you to see a doctor.