Can women use the Shoulder Wrap?
(30’s, woman, volleyball)

The Shoulder Wrap is designed not to disturb the breast area for women. Please choose the size to fit the base of arm. We recommend you a trial fitting at a store.

Are there any products for shoulder problems at golf?
(40’s, man, golf)

Our Shoulder Wrap is a product for shoulder problems.
The Shoulder Wrap provides compression with entire shoulder to restrict the shoulder swinging and to prevent an impact on the shoulder. Considering that the compression restricts motion, we recommend you a trial fitting at a store.

Can the Shoulder Wrap use for the right and the left?
(30’s, man, baseball)

The Shoulder Wrap can be used for the right and the left by replacement of the strap.
The purpose of the Shoulder Wrap is to protect the shoulder providing compression and is to reduce stress on the shoulder with elastic material.
The Shoulder joint has large muscles on the outside, while it has many small muscles on the inside.
If you feel a pain every time by same motion while training, you may have possible damages on the shoulder.
In that case, as the Shoulder Wrap is not for a medical treatment, we recommend you to see a doctor.


Are there any products for an elbow back pain while stretching the elbow at tennis?
(30’s, man, tennis)

The outer elbow pain at tennis could be the backhand tennis elbow. We recommend you to see an orthopedist first.
Most of the backhand tennis elbow is caused by an impact or motion from wrist. Our Elbow Band and Wrist Band reduce the impact on the elbow and the wrist. Also, the prevention by stretching and the icing care are effective for the elbow back pain.

Wrist / Thumb

Can the Wrist Wrap use for the right and the left?
(20’s, woman, tennis)

The wrist wrap can be used for the right and the left. It is possible to wrap the wrist from back on the hand or from flat of the hand, hooking on the thumb, which does not make the difference of the support in right and left.

Which is better the Wrist Wrap or the Wrist Band for wrist protection?
(50’s, woman, tennis)

Both of the Wrist Band and the Wrist Wrap are supporters for wrist protection.
The Wrist Band secures wrist with non-elastic material, while the Wrist Wrap gives wrist compression with elastic material. The Wrist Band offers higher stability than the Wrist Wrap. We recommend you a trial fitting of the both products at a store.

Can the Thumb Guard use for the right and the left?
(10’s, man, baseball)

The Thumb Guard has thermo-plastic material inside and is molded to fit to the right and left thumb after softening by soaking in hot water.


Is lumber brace effective to wear for working?
(20’s, man, karate)

Our lumbar supporters can use for exercise and working.
They provide lumbar with stabilization by giving compression on the stomach and reduce muscle fatigue caused by maintaining a posture for a long time.
However, as the fatigue is accumulated, we recommend you to remove the supporter and do light exercise at break time.

Is the ZW-5 detected by metal detector for a flight?
(50’s, man, badminton)

As the metallic parts are not used for the ZW-5 including inner stays, it is no problem to wear for a metal detector.

Are there any products for prevention of a strained back?
(40’s, man, skiing and cycling)

In our ZW series of lumbar supporters, the ZW-1 has a feature of support for pelvic with non-elastic material.
For the other products (ZW-3, 4, 5, and 7), the approaching mechanism for waist is in a same way, and they have features of prevention of waist reverse curve and stabilization the waist by giving compression. Each product has different strength of stability.
In a case of a strained back, the entire waist in addition to the pelvic is needed to be supported.
Considering that the restriction of motion gets stronger as the stability gets higher, we recommend you a trial fitting to choose your best fit. (Please try ZW-5 first to compare stability with others.)
Supporter is just used for support and prevention, and does not solve the underlying cause of injuries. Stretching and strength training are important for prevention of a strained back.

Which is more suitable ZW-5 or ZW-7 for a mild disc herniation?
(40’s, man, golf)

Both of the ZW-5 and ZW-7 has same function to prevent backbending of waist and to support waist by giving compression on the stomach.
Compared to the ZW-5, the ZW-7 provides high stabilization with longer size and many stays but the motion is restricted.
As the degree of pain and restriction varies by individual, we recommend you a trial fitting of both products at a store.


Should a supporter be put on tights?
(30’s, woman, marathon)

The ZAMST knee supporters are basically supposed to be put on skin.
Although wearing the supporter on tights is no problem, the supporter may move depending on materials of the tights and may lose effectiveness of support. To avoid it, we recommend you a trial fitting at a store.

Can the ZAMST use for contact sports?

The ZK-3 and ZK-7 can use for contact sports contacting hard against opposition, adopting a new material of resin stays on each side. However, for an official game, the rules differ depending on each game and judgment.
We recommend you to confirm the rules to the organizer.
For training, you can use ZAMST without worry.

Is the ZAMST suitable for protection of knee injuries?
(20’s, woman, snowboarding)

If you have never injured and are supposed to wear a supporter as a protection, we recommend our ZK-3, which holds entire of the knee and provides lateral stabilization.
The ZK series is suitable for those who play winter sports that often suffer knee ligament injury. We also recommend you a trial fitting at a store.

Are there any colors except black in ZK series?
(30’s, man, tennis, snowboarding)

The color of ZK series is only black. For only ZK-3 and ZK-7, we have beige color of pattern order. The pattern order is available in one of the stores or SIGMAX×Direct. (The price is different from normal items)

Does the ZK-7 interfere with knee motion while playing mogul skiing?
(30’s man, mogul skiing)

All items of the ZAMST including ZK-7 are designed to play sports without interference with motion. The ZAMST products are used by skiers or basketball players those who play hard.

Are there any products for Osgood-Schlatter disease?
(30’s, woman)

Our JK-1 is available for Osgood-Schlatter disease.
The PT pad on the supporter reduces pain. Our supporters are not for treatment but are for relief of symptoms. If you feel pain after wearing the supporter, please go to see a doctor. The JK-1 can also be used for playing soccer. The supporter itself does not contain solid material such as metal and does not hurt anybody at a contacting play.

Are there any braces for patellar ligament desmitis in the recovery phase?
(20’s, man, mountain biking)

The patellar ligament desmitis, an inflammation of patellar ligament and quadriceps femoris, is caused by a repeat of jump.
In order to reduce stress on patellar ligament, it is effective to compress patellar ligament and thigh to reduce the pain injured ligament by overusing.
(It is like that the wound is sore when opened, but it is relieved when covered by hand) Our ZAMST JK-2 has those functions. Please try it at a store near you.

Can I use an ankle brace and a knee brace together?
(30’s, man, basketball & 20’s, woman, volleyball)

No problem to wear a supporter on the knee and the ankle together. Considering that the affected area gets weak muscles and response, please stretch thoroughly for muscle awakening before exercise.
Additionally, please be advised that an ankle supporter restricts motion efficiently without strong tightening that can cause numbness.

I have suffered an iliotibial desmitis half a year ago. Are there any products for prevention of recurrence of it?
(30’s, man, marathon)

An iliotibial desmitis is mainly caused by too much running. For prevention of recurrence of it, restriction of the overloading motion is needed. Our ZAMST RK-1 has a strap restricting inner rotation of knee. Please try to fit it at a store. However, the supporter reduces stress on the knee, but it does not solve the underlying cause. In addition to use a supporter, please try to review factors causing an iliotibial desmitis such as road condition, shoes, running form. Moreover, stretching before/after exercise and icing after exercise also help you.

Are there any products providing moderate compression and thermal function except strong stability?

Our ZAMST EK-1 and EK-3 provide moderate compression, and are suitable for marathon. Its short length does not prevent the motion. However, the ZAMST products do not have thermal function, because they are focused on breathable materials for playing sports.

What is the difference of effect and functions between ZK-3 and EK-3?
(20’s, man, baseball)

The ZK-3 is long size to support collateral ligament on the side of the knee. Its resin stays on the side provide stability, and its semi-opened design provides superior fit with secure compression.
Compared to the ZK-3, the EK-3 is shorter and offers lighter support. Its full-opened design helps wear and adjust.
For your reference, the ZK-3 is for those who suffered ligament in the past, the EK-3 is for the others.

Thigh / Calf / Shin

Is the TS-1 effective for muscle strain on the back side of thigh?
(20’s, man, soccer)

The TS-1 is available for support of the back side of thigh.
Please put the large side on the affected area of hamstrings to give compression.

Are there any braces for muscle pain on the outside of calf?
(10’s, man, basketball)

It is medically confirmed that proper compression reduces pain of muscle or joints.
Thus, muscle pain on the outside of calf is reduced by giving compression. The ZAMST CS-1 provides compression around calf to reduce pain. The compression is adjustable in your preference.


I have ankle pain due to severe flat feet. What kind of braces should I use?
(30’s, woman, running)

For flat feet, we recommend our HA-1, a pair of socks supporting plantar arch. Those who have flat feet are apt to hurt their heel and shin, because their soles are not able to absorb the impact at running.
The HA-1 has a non-elastic structure on the part of heel and plantar arch, which provides stability to the plantar arch and the heel helping to absorb landing impact.
Meanwhile, an insole also helps for flat feet. Some shops provides a custom-made insole by measurement of size. Please try it.

Ankle / Achilles tendon

Are there any braces for ankle protection?
(20’s, man, futsal)

Our FA-1 provides ankle stability. Its thin and compact design with non-plastic material fits easily in shoes and provides great breathability.
For those who want high stability to avoid ankle sprain, the A1-Short having inner stays is suitable.
Please try both at a store for comparison.

Should I wear a brace on both feet or on one foot?
(10’s, man, volleyball)

We recommend you to wear supporters on both feet for prevention of ankle sprain. The ZAMST A1 Short, A1, and A2-DX are available for prevention of ankle sprain. Of course, wearing on one foot is no problem. Some top athletes use a supporter for one foot.

Are there any problems to wear a brace on the knee and the ankle together?
(30’s, man, basketball)

No problem to wear a supporter on the knee and the ankle together. Considering that the affected area gets weak muscles and response, please stretch thoroughly for muscle awakening before exercise.
Additionally, please be advised that an ankle supporter restricts motion efficiently without strong tightening that can cause numbness.

I often suffer an inversion ankle sprain while running. Should I use a brace?
(10’s, man, handball)

A supporter is used not only for injury care but also for injury prevention. As an ankle sprain occurs unexpectedly at collision or jumping, we suggest wearing a supporter regularly.
If you do not like to keep wearing it, please wear it just for training or hard games. The ZAMST A1 is available for prevention inversion ankle sprain or other ankle injuries.

I practice karate in addition to play basketball. Can I use the A1 on bare foot?
(30’s, man, basketball)

As our ankle supporters including the A1 are designed to wear on socks, we do not recommend you to wear the A1 on your bare foot. When wear it on the bare foot, the tightening force weaken and the skin may be hurt by friction.

Can I wear my basketball shoes as usual wearing A2-DX?
(10’s, man, basketball)

You can wear your basketball shoes as usual wearing the A2-DX.Although you may feel discomfort at first, it is no problem to use. When you tie the shoelaces with same strength as usual, you may feel tight. Please adjust it before use.

What is different from the A2 which is the old models? Does the stability get stronger?
(10’s, man, baseball)

The A2-DX is a new model of the A2. Although basic functions are succeeded, some points are improved. Mainly, the improvement of plastic guard design and sole fabric delivered stronger fit and more comfort. A mechanical test also proved the stronger stability.

When wear the A2-DX, the plastic parts hurt the inner side of ankle. How can I solve it?
(20’s, woman, volleyball)

To solve the problem, please slip your foot into the supporter thoroughly. If you wear the supporter lightly, guards do not fit properly.
When use a spacer, please place it making a room between the supporter and the hitting point to avoid compressing.


Are there any products for prevention of a leg cramp at futsal?
(30’s, woman, futsal)

The ZAMST LC-1 Calf is available for prevention of a leg cramp.
The gradual compression to the calf from ankle helps blood reach the heart and degrade fatigue stuff.
As a leg cramp is caused by a deficiency of electrolyte, please try to receive hydration such as sports drink. Also the stretching before exercise is effective.

When sleeping wearing LC-1, is the heart stressed?
(30’s, man, marathon)

Please not to wear the LC-1 during sleep.
When use it while sleeping, the function of compression does not work properly by sag or difference. Besides, circulatory deficit may not be recognized immediately.

Is the LC-1 effective for swelling after golf?
(60’s, man, golf)

Leg swelling is caused by blood pooling in the leg due to decrease of blood flow force to return to the heart. The calf muscle has a function of returning blood to the heart. In order to enhance the function, gradient compression from the ankle to the calf is effective. The ZAMST LC-1 has a same structure of it. The pressure of the LC-1(Calf/Open toe) provides ankle with 30hpa and calf with 21hpa.
Its thin and breathable material allows the use before/after playing sports and supports for standing/sitting for a long time.


Can I pour hot water in the Icebag as a hot-water bottle?
(10’s, man, baseball)

The upper temperature limit of polyurethane on the inner side of the Icebag is 70 degrees C. However, for repeated use, please keep the hot water temperature within 40 or 50 degrees C.
Please be noted that the use at high-temperature causes decreasing durability.


Are there any products for support of broken nose?
(10’s, man, handball)

We do not provide a nose supporter and the custom-made service.
A nose supporter is often made by a prosthetist.
We recommend you to ask an orthopedics first about making a custom-made supporter.